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Our story

Blackie and Associates was started in 2005 by Rosheen Blackie-Kriegler, an entrepreneur who had been importing from China since 1985 supplying packaging to the cosmetic, FMCG and gifting sectors. She noticed the frustration the local FMCG industry felt about flexible packaging in this country and realised there was a gap for a company which focused on delivery, innovation and adaptability.
Rosheen set out to learn as much about packaging as possible by traveling to packaging companies and factories around the world. Starting in the East, she moved on to Brazil, Mauritius, South America, Europe and the Middle East. She selected suppliers who met her business criteria, and especially understood that each client had unique requirements. She also employed knowledgeable and respected local experts in the field and began to hone her business which has grown from those early days when it imported 80 tonnes of packaging a year, to one which now imports over 1000 tonnes a year.