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We use only the most technically advanced equipment and have a packaging technologist and chemical engineer who oversee the delivery and impeccable quality of our material. Our technical manager oversees that impeccable quality material is produced and delivered consistently.

Our basket of films include:
  • BOPP
  • Metalized BOPP
  • White Cavitated BOPP
  • Polyester – PET
  • PVC
  • CPP
  • Alu Foil
Our packaging material formats include:
  • Roll stock
  • Pre – formed pouches:
  • 3 sides seal
  • 3 side seal with re-sealable zipper
  • Centre seal with/without gusset
  • Standup pouch with re-sealable zipper
  • Quad seal pouch
  • Mono and multi layer structures
  • Standup pouch with die cut
  • Pouches with rope handle/Euro slots/ C slots
  • Paper carrier bags with flat handles in paper or cotton cord (shopping bags)
  • Square bottom paper bags for flour, rice, sugar, charcoal, pet foods
  • Paper roll stock
  • Nylon
We only use
  • FDA approved materials for food contact
  • BRC/IOP and HACCP approved
  • Best technology for converting
  • Specialize in Gravure and Flexographic printing
  • Solvent-less and solvent based lamination